As a Big 10 collegiate rugby team, Michigan State Men's Rugby Club competes at the highest level of NCAA Division 1-A Rugby in the United States.  For nearly 50 years the 'Hoonyaks' have played the game of elegant violence with a winning tradition and a lasting brotherhood.  Big 10 Rugby offers both a Spring and Fall season with winter practices, national tours, and summer 7s tournaments.  

All Michigan State students are eligible to play and no experience necessary.  MSU often fields an A side of the most athletic and experience players, with a B side farm team, and C side training team.  Rugby brings together the best of other sports in a challenging competition.  Experience in Football, Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Track, Wrestling are all useful in preparing for a new game that will take your skill, strength, speed, toughness, and endurance to another level.  High School Athletes should contact the MSU Rugby Recruiter for more information regarding how to get started playing rugby as a Michigan State Spartan.

Michigan State Rugby's head coach Dave 'Pokey' Poquette, former United States National Team The Golden Eagles member, has lead the MSU team to many victories over the years since he took over the team in 1992.
Head Coach Dave Poquette
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“It’s a challenge having leadership on both sides of the team, but it’s good to develop talent quickly,” said Rugby Club President and sevens player Todd Else, a supply chain management junior.

New leadership and a stricter coaching staff brought the idea to divide the club into two teams to further develop each player’s skills, Raider said.  

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